📄 #4 Create a quotation

At the time of creation, your project has the status “Project identified”.

The next step is to create a quotation in the “Documents” section.

To do this, select the “new document” / “quote” button in the Sales section.


The first step is to build your quote in the “Documents” section. For this select the “new document” / “quote” button in the Sales section.





StoreManager.Online excels at high-performance data retrieval from all the major graphic design software suites.




In this way, you can either directly open a StoreManager.Online cloud document or import a design document from another design software package.

You can manually modify the reference of the document with the help of the “pencil” icon as well as defining an expiry date and installation date for the quote.





You begin your quotation by adding a product. You refine your quote by selecting products from an existing catalog or document.



The search tool allows you to sort existing catalogs by category (furniture, electro, accessory, service, closet, options, decoration …).

You can then add desired products to your quote.

When you select an active catalog, the “create” button allows you to manually add a new product and to assign: an image, a product code, a category, a description, a VAT rate (full, reduced), a unit of sale / purchase, a purchase price excluding taxes, a selling price excluding taxes, dimensions.



The new product has been created !

The “pencil” icon allows you to modify its characteristics at any time.

The button “existing document” allows you to select a project, before selecting an existing sales document, prior to importing several (or all) of the document’s products.




In this example, all the products in the quote are selected and following your validation, they are all automatically added to your current quote.









The “import graphics” icon allows you to import a graphics document from an external software design package



You can associate a promotion with your quote.



The “document” icon at the bottom of the page allows you to annotate your quote.


The “CB” icon, also at the bottom of the document, gives you an overview of the active payment terms.


By clicking on this icon, you can add a payment condition. You must also specify the payments made and the payment dates.


Using the “pencil” icon, you can modify a product (change a product’s price, for example). You can change product code, category, specify any relevant countermark, add a description, add price before tax, add price with taxes included, modify sales quantity, assign any relevant discounts or eco-taxes.



Following the completion of the quotation, the project workflow goes on to “Pending Quote Validation”.




Other possible actions from here are:

– Quote refused

– Follow-up client

– Proceed to surveyed quotation







If necessary, you can launch the action “Follow-up quote”








StoreManager.Online then creates a new client appointment.







You can change the date, time, subject, location, and contact for this appointment. Once the appointment is validated with the client, you must indicate “confirmed”.


Following the appointment, you change the status to “completed”.







Manually, the user can also trigger a quotation follow-up by emailing the client.









From here, the possible actions are now:

– Quote refused

– Proceed to surveyed quotation

You can now begin with the surveyed (measured) quotation.






You plan the appointment for measurement.



You confirm and carry out the measurements.


The quotation is then confirmed.


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