📊 #8 Sales management

The “Management” tab located in the StoreManager.Online menu allows users to access the following tabs: Sales, Purchasing, After Sales, Third Party, Project overview.





With this latest upgrade, StoreManager.Online provides users with an efficient tool allowing you to analyze, over a desired period, the progress of your projects through the sales & purchasing pipelines and provides a global vision of your activity.

Access to management functions is associated with the notion of role, programmable in the StoreManager.Online “Admin” module.

In the “Quotation” tab you can easily check the progress and validity of your current quotes.



In the “sales” tab, the user accesses the sales follow-up of the orders (quotes, orders, purchase orders, invoices and credits).

You have the option of selecting “all” documents and searching for a project in the “search” tab.



The “Eraser” tool allows you to deselect the current filters.

Filter: the user can filter the projects by store, by third party, by date, by week number and by progress status, for example: “all documents which can generate purchases”.


Project information:

Status = the icon indicates “resumed”

Validity = icon   indicates “signed quote” / quote pending /  expires in less than 10 days /  expires in more than 10 days / quote expired


As soon as a quote deadline has been reached or expires within 10 days, an indicator generates a signal. You can subsequently, with one single mouse click, send an email reminder to your relevant customers.

At any time, thanks to the management module dashboard, view the number and total amount of your current quotes according to their status.




Actions: On the right of the screen the user can perform several actions for all selected projects:

  • new e-mail
  • new comment
  • new task
  • new appointment

Generate Purchases and Export.




The indicators on the right side of your interface give you information on the number of quotes in progress, the number of signed quotes, expired quotes and the amounts of the associated totals.

The indicators allow you to filter your projects on signed quotes and expired quotes. The actions (e-mail, comment, task, appointment) can be performed simultaneously for several projects with a similar level of progress.




Example: creating a new action assigned to several “Projects to be reactivated”

Filter on all “active” projects using progress status “Pending quote validation”



Possible actions.


You can create an e-mail, a comment that can address the customer and / or the associated salesman where applicable, and an appointment if a phone call has been made and the prospect wants to follow-up on the call.


Example: “new task” assigned to several projects


Automatically your action is associated with all selected projects.





Fill in the subject of the task to be carried out (telephone reminder, payment check, mail …) and assign the task to one or more of your salesmen.










Example: “new e-mail” assigned to several projects







Automatically your action is associated with all selected projects.

Fill in the group of third parties you want to contact (customer, home, salesperson, manager, installer) and write or apply a mail body template.

Automatically, all third parties associated with each of the selected projects receive an e-mail with details and attachments specific to their current projects.







The user has access to indicators presenting statistics on the status of current orders and their associated amounts. These indicators provide important added value to improve the efficiency of the business process management.





All items of several quotes can be ordered?

An indicator shows you the number of quotes involved. In one click you select all of them and make a purchase order from your suppliers.

Several projects in progress are waiting for installation and delivery?

An indicator shows you the number of sales involved. In one click you create an appointment, assign an installer and send him an email with all the documents attached to the project.







The “controlled project” stage of your projects has not been completed?

By clicking on the indicator, you filter the projects concerned and can analyse the status of the projects concerned.


This icon means that the project is blocked.


This icon means that the project is not yet in the “controlled project” status.


This icon means that the project has been put on hold.


This icon means that all items of the order can be ordered from your suppliers.


This icon means that all items in this document already appear to have been placed in a purchase order.




Many useful features, such as: send an email, export to Excel, print, create a new task, create a comment, enhance your productivity.



You have access to the same features for delivery notes.





The CB icon indicates payment deadlines.


Green CB = All payment has been finalised on the order


Orange CB = part of the payment has been made (ex: initial deposit)


Grey CB = no payment has been made.


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