📈 #11 Third Party Management

In the « Third-parties » tab, you gain access to a list of contacts (clients and suppliers). This icon allows you to filter your contacts: by salesperson, by creation date and by customer group (“Wants to be called back”, “Project identified”, “Client did not retain our offer”). Third party information: Check box / created on / GDPR […]

📖 #12 Catalog management

In the “catalog” tab the user has access to all catalogs (active, inactive and without suppliers). The data concerning catalogs are: creation date, catalog code, catalog description, supplier name and comment. The red cross icon means either the validity date of the catalog has passed or it is not yet active. This icon allows you […]

💳 #9 Purchasing

  To generate purchases, in the “sales” tab of the Management module, you must select all of your orders from all items can be ordered, by filtering on the following indicator:   Then select the checkbox “Select all”:   Then click on “Generate purchases” By linking your purchasing system with a control system, the flow […]

📊 #8 Sales management

The “Management” tab located in the StoreManager.Online menu allows users to access the following tabs: Sales, Purchasing, After Sales, Third Party, Project overview.   QUOTATION     With this latest upgrade, StoreManager.Online provides users with an efficient tool allowing you to analyze, over a desired period, the progress of your projects through the sales & […]

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