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In the « Project vision » tab, the user can access the “Pipeline” (function formerly located below the connection button).

The « Pipeline » module is an effective tool allowing you to analyse, over a desired period, the progress of your projects along the sales channel.

You want to group your projects by store, by salesperson or workflow category?

The power of the filter engine allows you to sort your projects in order to optimize your visualization of tasks in progress and enables you to efficiently manage your sales teams.

Your sales personnel and their managers are able to accurately predict the number of projects they will complete over a period of time, as well as the value they represent

Your projects are listed according to their progress (quotation to be confirmed, sales without purchases, to be installed, to be delivered, to be invoiced, invoices and credit notes).

The pipeline is a visual representation of the progress of your projects in the sales process. It also gives you an overview of the actions that still need to be taken by your sales representatives. You can see the volume of quotes to be confirmed, the number of sales without purchase and the number of projects to be installed.

The pipeline provides you with a view of where the sales team globally stands in relation to the overall objectives set.

Each project is presented succinctly using:

  • the name of the project; the project type (kitchen, renovation, cupboard);
  • the value of the project;
  • its creation date;
  • its date of signature;
  • its date of installation.

The CB icon indicates the financing deadlines.

Green credit card = the balance of the order has been processed

Orange credit card = part of the payment has been made (e.g. initial down payment)

Grey CB = no payment has been made.

By clicking on the project, you can access the progress flow for that project.



A “Download statistics” button allows you to download overall statistics using an Excel file. These statistics are related to the store associated with the currently logged-in user (depending on the roles configured in the Admin section of StoreManager.Online).

They give you a vision of the current year and Y-1 and concern:

  • Quotes: (for each project, only one quote is considered. This is the last un-cancelled estimate of the project whose amount is greater than the threshold limit), number of estimates, salesperson, date of first contact, customer name, furniture model, sales strategy, number of appointments, date of sale, reason for refusal, date of follow-up appointment, budget excluding tax, amount of the estimate excluding tax, amount sold excluding tax;
  • Sales analysis: objectives, Turnover, number of first contacts, number of quotes, number of sales, average basket quotation value and sale, total value of quotations, % of revenue/target, % gross margin, entry value, average budget (total per seller, per store; % current year and N-1).
  • The sales margin per seller: name of the project, customer, sales amount, distribution percentage, purchases amount excluding VAT, margin amount excluding tax, margin percentage excluding tax, down payment amount including tax, down payment percentage…
  • The sales margin per month: project name, customer, sales amount, distribution percentage, purchase amount excluding tax, margin amount excluding tax, margin percentage excluding tax, down payment amount, general total…
  • The invoiced turnover: project name, customer name, customer invoiced value excluding tax, purchase order value excluding tax, margin excluding tax, margin (percentage) excluding tax and the overall total

You can filter the statistics by month, or by vendor for example. You can also choose to display the value contribution of installation and services to the total.

These statistics are updated daily. The update is done every night, and are effective every morning.

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