💻 Why use StoreManager.online?

StoreManager.online is the point of sales management and CRM solution dedicated to furniture industry. True business tool, it helps you to manage the point of sales on the management of complex projects (kitchens, custom furniture, contract), handle the margins and allows you to pilot the whole commercial process from creation to delivery. StoreManager.Online has been designed to be the only tool necessary for the management of furniture point of sales, bringing together all the business functions of sales management and CRM.

💻 Functional

Available in SaaS mode.

🔎 Increased Visibility

Control of the margin level of sales transactions in real time.

⌚️ Time management

Schedule and track appointments and project assignments.

⌛️ Time saving

Eliminates errors caused by entering new data or cross-checking tasks

🔁 Multi-choice

Allows tracking of performance and profitability of stores at the global or project level.

📈 Data centralization

For multi-store, large retailers, franchise…

☁️ A 100% Web solution!

No need for heavy installation or investment in IT infrastructure. Moreover, its quick handling is done without technical training. StoreManager.online is characterized by its performance allowing it to recover all the information from the main graphic design tools. It has powerful prospect management and customer tracking functions while integrating an up to date business CRM with marketing capabilities for your business.

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