#18 Reduced VAT Management

An evolution of StoreManager.online now allows you to apply a reduced VAT rate to your entire sales document. If the user chooses to apply a reduced VAT rate, a new window opens, showing a reminder on the legal conditions for the application of reduced VAT rates and allows the direct selection of reduced rate applicable (10% / […]

Welcome to our new website!

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new StoreManager.online website! It has been redesigned specifically for our customers wishing to improve management of their point of sale (kitchens & design), pilot their profit margins and manage their entire business process. To keep you up-to-date, we’ve prepared all the information on  our offers, our services, as well […]

💻 Why use StoreManager.online?

StoreManager.online is the point of sales management and CRM solution dedicated to furniture industry. True business tool, it helps you to manage the point of sales on the management of complex projects (kitchens, custom furniture, contract), handle the margins and allows you to pilot the whole commercial process from creation to delivery. StoreManager.Online has been […]

👉 Woodworking Network

🚀 New technologies are more present than ever in our daily lives. All sectors are in constant innovation and pushing evolution of the buying experience. SPI Software brings together solutions of inspiration, configuration and management to enable kitchen designers and planners to benefit from these evolutions and transcend the customer experience through value-added services.Woodworking Network #Dataforthefurniturebusiness #SPI https://www.woodworkingnetwork.com/news/woodworking-industry-news/spi-software-announces-north-american-expansion?fbclid=IwAR3GxTSd_uQtclB9k9xBl2b_025bttdRDsADzhweJfBTsuRYPP1yPsT4Oig

🔒 GDPR compliance

Regulation No 2016/679, known as the General Data Protection Regulation, is a regulation of the European Union which constitutes the reference text for the protection of personal data. It strengthens and unifies data protection for individuals within the European Union. This article presents the evolution of StoreManager.online facilitating the implementation of the new regulation by […]

👉 #SADECC 2019

A fter a first Opus in Montpellier and five follow ups organized in Lyon, the seventh edition of the French trade show for equipped kitchens and home furnishings (SADECC) was held from 5 to 8 April 2019 in Parc des Expo de la Porte de Versailles. With a completely renovated exhibition center, more space, more […]

⌚️ #17 Project history

In the StoreManager.online, Management module, we have integrated a new functionality which now allows user to visualize the advancement along a workflow of purchase orders, project by project. To access the functionality, simple navigate to the ‘sales’ or ‘purchases’ tab in the management module, and select a project by clicking anywhere on it, in the […]

📅 #16 Working with the agenda

With the Storemanager.online agenda you manage task planning and client appointments including the follow-up of payments, client meetings, on-site pre-installation measurements, client follow-ups, installations, delivery and billing: Payment control Client meetings On-site expertise and measurement Client follow up Installation Delivery Billing These icons represent your main resources: Salesperson, installer, administrator Follow-up on each team members’ […]

📉 #14 Sales objectives

In line with further changes made to StoreManager.Online, the tool “sales target” enriches the “management” tab to offer managers an effective statistical tool and management of their sales teams across each store. To set sales goals, this new feature of StoreManager.Online allows you to rely on historical data. By revealing what has already been accomplished […]

🔎 #13 Project view

In the « Project vision » tab, the user can access the “Pipeline” (function formerly located below the connection button). The « Pipeline » module is an effective tool allowing you to analyse, over a desired period, the progress of your projects along the sales channel. You want to group your projects by store, by salesperson or workflow category? The […]

🔄 #10 After Sales Service Management

In the project workflow for your projects you can declare a “after-sales service incident” (see Tutorial Declare an after sales service incident) In your declaration you can further qualify and detail your after-sales service incident Identity the sources of the request; Provide the nature of the request (complaint, request for changes, failure or malfunction); Request […]

📈 #11 Third Party Management

In the « Third-parties » tab, you gain access to a list of contacts (clients and suppliers). This icon allows you to filter your contacts: by salesperson, by creation date and by customer group (“Wants to be called back”, “Project identified”, “Client did not retain our offer”). Third party information: Check box / created on / GDPR […]

📖 #12 Catalog management

In the “catalog” tab the user has access to all catalogs (active, inactive and without suppliers). The data concerning catalogs are: creation date, catalog code, catalog description, supplier name and comment. The red cross icon means either the validity date of the catalog has passed or it is not yet active. This icon allows you […]

💳 #9 Purchasing

  To generate purchases, in the “sales” tab of the Management module, you must select all of your orders from all items can be ordered, by filtering on the following indicator:   Then select the checkbox “Select all”:   Then click on “Generate purchases” By linking your purchasing system with a control system, the flow […]

📊 #8 Sales management

The “Management” tab located in the StoreManager.Online menu allows users to access the following tabs: Sales, Purchasing, After Sales, Third Party, Project overview.   QUOTATION     With this latest upgrade, StoreManager.Online provides users with an efficient tool allowing you to analyze, over a desired period, the progress of your projects through the sales & […]

🧾 #6 Supplier orders

Your workflow is now in “Controlled Project” status You can transform your document to generate your purchases / purchase orders.       To do this, you transform your order into a purchase order.       You click on “Purchase order”       Your workflow changes to “Purchases in progress” status Following the […]

📄 #4 Create a quotation

At the time of creation, your project has the status “Project identified”. The next step is to create a quotation in the “Documents” section. To do this, select the “new document” / “quote” button in the Sales section.   The first step is to build your quote in the “Documents” section. For this select the […]

📊 #2 Project creation

A project includes all the documents (quotes, invoices, purchase orders …), comments and tasks that correspond to a sale. Creating a project in StoreManager.Online : The “project” tab provides access to all your current projects. You can filter your projects by salesperson, by progress (project identified, awaiting quotation validation, follow-up, measured expertise, project validated, purchases […]

🔎 # 3 Discovery: support you in improving customer knowledge.

The “Discovery” module of StoreManager.Online assists sales professionals in identifying customer purchase needs and motivations. These insights represent a crucial step in any effective sales process.     Choose your type of investigation (ex: kitchen investigation).   Fill in the input fields that specify the customer’s needs. Complete the investigation by entering the planned budget. […]

🌐 Most Disruptive CRM Solution Providers 2018

In its latest edition, the leading business magazine “Insights Success”, provides an in-depth look at cross-industry CRM leaders, in their article “The Most Disruptive CRM Solution Providers 2018”. SPI Software founder and president, Thierry Racinais, was interviewed for the occasion and provides remarkable insight on how SPI Software has evolved over 25 years to become […]

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